Timber Fencing Perth

At Aus Quality Fencing we offer a wide range of timber types and style for our customer’s Perth fencing projects.

The Timber Fencing  Service Perth Deserves

A timber fence is undoubtedly the perfect option for those who want a fence with character.

At Aus Quality Fencing, we’re here to make your wooden fencing experience as simple and seamless as possible. We offer everything from free onsite quotes, material sampling, timber fence repairs and more. Whatever you’re looking for and whatever you need for your new timber fence, we’ll get it to you.

Our sustainably sourced wooden timber fencing is perfect for anyone looking to install an economically sustainable and durable fence.

What our customers say

“I’d be comfortable recommending Aus Quality Fencing to people in Perth looking for great fence installation services. The team visited our home and assessed the entire site, gave us a quote and went over just about everything we needed to know. Thanks to Ramiz and the team. ”

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Chris, Cannington

“A big thank you to the Aus Quality Fencing team! Our home’s backyard fencing was previously littered with gaps and openings thanks to it sitting on a slope which always had our dogs heading off on their own adventures. After speaking with Ramiz he let us know a quote and fixed it promptly ”

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Tom, Balcatta

The Best Aluminium Fences and Gates in Perth

Rapid quick Aluminium fencing contractors.

Stylish yet Durable Timber Fencing

It’s undeniable that picket fencing in Perth pairs perfectly with just about any home or commercial building’s design. We stock a whole variety of different timber fencing textures, colours and styles for our customers to match seamlessly to their homes.

Tall Slats to Improve Privacy

We understand that privacy is a big part of installing a fence so, of course, we make sure our solid timber fences are on the taller side. Most timber gates and fences can match their metal counterparts by being built to reach 2.4m. That’s just one more reason so many people prefer wooden fencing in Perth. It blends well with their homes, improves privacy and security whilst simultaneously being environmentally friendly and affordable.

  • Improved privacy with 2.4m planks.
  • Durability ensures security.
  • Matches the height of existing metal fencing.

Fast Installations

No one likes to sit around for weeks waiting for their fence to come together. At Aus Quality Fencing our wooden fencing in Perth is manufactured and delivered quickly. Whether you’re fencing off a sloped yard or just about any other site, a timber fence installed by our fencing contractors is going to be delivered and installed in just a few days.

  • Delivered and onsite in under a week.
  • Installed in just a few days.
  • Manufactured to be installed quickly.

Low-Maintenance Designs

As a result of powder coating during manufacture, our aluminium fences won’t need to be repainted, varnished or re-stained to keep their look. All you’ll need to do is hose down the aluminium sheeting or slats as they get dirty if you want to prevent stains. This also means our aluminium fences are resistant to rust as well.

  • Little to no upkeep required.
  • Exceptionally durable and weather-resistant.
  • Rust and fade resistant in coastal areas.

Loud Sound Reduction

Our timber fences are fantastic for those who live by busy roads or even industrial areas. Timber is a thick, noise absorbing material and that means our wooden fences are going to greatly reduce loud sounds. If you’ve tried everything and failed to create a quieter backyard, a timber fence by Aus Quality Fencing might just be the holy grail.

  • Provides a sound absorbing barrier.
  • Reduces noise from busy roads.
  • Double fencing can further improve noise reduction.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Unlike metal, timber is better for the environment both during manufacture and at the end of its life. We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and providing residents of Perth with sustainable timber fencing options. We stand by our Perth picket fencing’s reduced environmental impact and are proud to make it available to all of our customers.

  • Timber can biodegrade after it’s replaced.
  • Production is less environmentally impactful.
  • We source timber from sustainable forestries.

Additional FAQs

How is Timber Treated?

Although there are six main treatment types, we stick to the most common H3 treatment. This treatment is safe and is designed for above ground timber which is expected to be exposed to the elements. Our timber fence posts are treated with H4 as these are in-ground and require a more powerful treatment.

What Are The Timber Style Options?

As we partner with manufacturers, our customers are able to choose just about any style for their picket fencing in Perth. The most common timber fencing styles are vertical planks, brushwood and vertical or horizontal pinelap styles.


If you have a design or style in mind that you haven’t seen on our website, simply let us know. We’ll be able to relay these requirements to our manufacturers for confirmation or design adjustments.

Can a Timber Fence Go Around My Pool?

Yes, as long as the height meets local regulations. There must be a non-climbable zone around the fence as well as no other easy ways to get over or under the fence. It must also be at least 1200mm tall.

Do You Offer Warranties?

All Aus Quality Fencing aluminium fences are protected under a lifetime warranty for defects caused by poor workmanship or material faults. Under proper use, your aluminium fence will not rust, crack, blister, peel or show signs of weathering for at least a decade.

Are There Rules During Installation?

Prior to and during the installation of your new fence, it’s important that you provide your fencing contractors access to both electricity and water as well as drinks as a courtesy. As your yard will technically become a worksite it’s also important to ensure children are away from the construction zone and any pets are locked in your home or with a friend or family member.

If you’re expecting to be away from your home during parts of the installation, it’s best to notify our team beforehand. It’s also a good idea to allow the team access to electricity and water so your Perth fencing contractors can get on with the job without a hitch.