Perth has a unique landscape — from untamed bushlands and resilient wetlands to calm plains and an exquisite coastline, the city has it all. It is, therefore, not very surprising that when it comes to landscape projects, Perth homeowners have a varied taste.

While many homeowners prefer to liven up their outdoor space with exotic plant species and animal life, others opt for landscape designs that do not require rigorous maintenance.

Irrespective of what your personal preferences are, one thing is certain: even a small backyard can look breathtakingly beautiful when designed the right way. Especially if you can use the right SMSF residential loan strategy to get the max out of your property.   In this article, we share with our readers the top 5 landscape ideas for Perth.

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Intricate Hardscaping Is Becoming Quite Popular

Until a few years ago, Perth homeowners assumed landscaping was primarily about growing plants and erecting walls and fences. However, over the last few years, homeowners have started becoming more interested in minute details. They have been devising ways to include elements, such as stone and concrete into their landscape. More importantly, they aren’t just happy with the addition of these elements but want these elements to be added in specific patterns, such as waves, chevron, waves, etc. Try this trend: adding these patterns to paving stones and pavers will add visual interest to your landscape.

Add Cinder Blocks and Large Planters

If you want to add plants to your landscape, you do not have to do it the old boring way. We recommend using cinder blocks for small plants. The use of cinder blocks will not only help you incorporate greenery into your garden but will also allow you to add an interesting dimension to your yard. If you wish to add colour to your landscape, pick coloured cinder blocks instead of the basic white ones. For bigger plants, we recommend the use of large planters. Large planters serve as focal points and significantly accentuate the beauty of any space.

Create Lighted Pathways

When it comes to landscape lighting is crucial. However, instead of going the usual way and installing lamp posts and wall lights, consider adding light to your walkways and pathways. This particular feature is not only beautiful to look at but also helps outline the design of the landscape.

Consider Xeriscaping

Though Xeriscaping is more common in areas that do not have easy access to water, Perth homeowners should try this landscaping trend, primarily because the city has been witnessing dwindling rains for the past ten years. Xeriscape looks beautiful. More importantly, it completely reduces homeowners’ dependence on irrigation water for garden maintenance.

Create a Personalized Space

Your landscape must be a reflection of your tastes and choices. Thus, make sure to keep some space in your yard that reflects your choices and preferences. This area should have the plants you like, the furniture you find comfortable and lighting that elevates your mood. The idea is to create a space that can become your favourite spot. You can also use Home Staging to create the space.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to landscaping ideas, Perth homeowners must let their imagination run wild. While well-kept gardens look beautiful, one does not necessarily have to stick to the traditional choices. If you want your home and landscape to stand out, do things differently. We hope the five ideas discussed in this article will help you at least get started.